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The NCI caDSR CDE Browser can be used to download collections of metadata describing data held in repositories for cancer research and clinical trials.

The caDSR Form Builder can be used to create, view and download the Case Report Forms (CRFs) designs.

Currently, CDEs can be downloaded in Excel or XML Format, CRFs can be downloaded in Excel format.

It is not easy for occasional or novice users of the CDE Browser and Form Builder to discover collections of CDEs or CRFs, since the high level organization of CDEs and Forms in the Navigation Tree is by Context, which correlate to user communities, not CDE topic. After selecting a Context in the caDSR navigation tree, one can browse the Classifications, which represent user defined collections of CDEs for specific purposes, but this may not be intuitive, and some . Some find the use of the Advanced Search , helpfulwhich also offers a text search by Classifications , dauntingnamesModernization of the caDSR content access services is planned.


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          CDEs as Excel             CDEs as XML              CRF as Excel

In addition to the usability issues noted above, attempting to download all the caDSR CDEs would result in a file size that is too large for a single MS Excel download, and currently forms can only be downloaded one form at a time.

Therefore, "canned", or pre-downloaded collections


of all the NCI Standard CDEs, and "Released" CDEs, and CDEs by selected individual projects in is provided for your convenience.


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          CDEs as Excel             CDEs as XML              CRF as Excel

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