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Therefore, "canned", or pre-downloaded collections of all the NCI Standard CDEs, and "Released" CDEs, and CDEs by selected individual projects in is provided for your convenience. The NCI Preferred Standards have become too large to download in a single file, so they can be extracted from the "Released" CDE files.

Note that NCI added an FTP site where all "Released" CDEs as XML.

titleTable of Contents

Table of Contents


Download NCI Preferred Standard CDEs

The NCI Preferred Standard CDEs represent those that have been through the NCI's Content Owners Governance and have been determined to meet all the necessary criteria for standardization based on NCI Best Practices. When looking for NCI recommended CDEs, this is the place to start.  The attached files are for downloading, a web browser view for comparing or viewing details of these CDEs is available by visiting the CDE Browser and clicking on the "NCI Standards" Context, or by performing an Advanced Search, selecting Registration Status = "Preferred Standard".

Other reusable CDEs can be found by searching using the CDE Browser if you do not find CDEs in the Preferred Standard set that meet your needs.  The community standard CDEs have Registration Status = "Standard", and sort to the top of the search results by default, right after "Preferred Standard" For more information about Content development at NCI, see caDSR Content.

  • For current list of all NCI Standards since the date of this download, visit the NCI caDSR CDE Browser and click "Advanced Search", select "Preferred Standard" Registration Status, select "Search".
  • All production CDEs with Registration Status = "PREFERRED STANDARD " as of January 3rd, 2017.
  • NCI CDE Preferred Standards in Excel

  • NCI CDE Preferred Standards in XML


    Community Released Downloads
    Community Released Downloads

    Download caDSR Community Released CDEs