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ISA-TAB-Nano file examples are provided for nanotechnology investigations:

Investigation Title: Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory (NCL) Dendrimer-Based MRI Contrast AgentsAgent
Investigation Description: The objective of this investigation is to characterize a PAMAM dendrimer with an associated gadolinium chelate MRI contrast agent. The nanomaterials submitted for testing at the NCL were (NCL20) G4 tris (hydroxyl) terminated PAMAM dendrimer, (NCL21) G4 pyrrolidinone terminated PAMAM dendrimer, (NCL22) G4.5 COONa terminated PAMAM dendrimer, (NCL23) G4.5 COONa terminated PAMAM dendrimer-Magnevist® complex, (NCL25) G4 tris (hydroxyl) terminated PAMAM dendrimer-Magnevist® complex, and (NCL26) G4 pyrrolidinone terminated PAMAM dendrimer-Magnevist® complex. Commercially available Magnevist® (NCL24) was used as a control. NCL studies addressed in this report can be divided into three main categories: physicochemical characterization; immunotoxicology; in vitro toxicology.
Investigation File: NCL Dendrimer-Based MRI Contrast Agent
Study Files: Size by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)

Cytotoxicity Study
Material Files: NCL-22

NCL-23 NCL-24
Assay Files: Size by DLS Assay
LDH Assay MTT Assay

ISA-TAB-Nano XML Specification