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DICOMImageReferenceEntity is a source image for the annotation.

Annotation was renamed as AnnotationEntity


AnnotationEntity captures information that can be described, measured, calculated, and drawn on images either by a human or machine observer.

TextAnnotation was renamed as TextAnnotationEntity


TextAnnotationEntity represents the text and the markup of text intended to be rendered on the image.

GeometricShape was renamed as GeometricShapeEntity


GeometricShapeEntity is the shape of a region of interest (ROI).

Segmentation was renamed to DICOMSegmentation


DICOMSegmentation is a multi-frame image representing a classification of pixels in one or more referenced images. Segmentations are either binary or fractional. See DICOM part 3 Segmentation IOD for more information.

PresentationState was renamed to ReferencedDICOMObject


ReferencedDICOMObject is a collection of related DICOM objects created from the image(s), e.g. presentation state, SR document, radiotherapy objects, waveform, encapsulated document, etc.