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AIM 4.0 has eighty new classes. Twelve were renamed and four were deleted. Changes were also made to the data types, as explained below.

ISO 21090 Data Types

The following table shows the renamed data types.


These attributes are mapped to a single CD ISO 21090 data type. The effected affected AIM classes include:

  • AnnotationEntity (formerly known as Annotation)
  • AnnotationRoleEntity (formerly known as AnnotationRole)
  • CalculationEntity (formerly known as Calculation)
  • ImagingPhysicalEntity (formerly known as AnatomicEntity)
  • ImagingPhysicalEntityCharacteristic (formerly known as AnatomicEntityCharacteristic)
  • ImagingObservationEntity (formerly known as ImagingObservation)
  • ImagingObservationEntityCharacteristic (formerly known as ImagingObservationCharacteristic)
  • InferenceEntity (formerly known as Inference)
  • NonQuantifiable

The name attribute in CharacteristicQuantification has been changed.