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The following figure shows Distributed Remote LexEVS JAVA API with Coded Node Set Operations, Coded Node Graph Operations, Mappings, and History.

Overview of LexEVS Graph-Resolve REST Service and NodeGraphResolutionExtension

Provides a graphing database REST Service wrapped by a LexEVS extension compatible API in java.  

A SpringBoot enabled REST service queries an Arangodb instance for graph resolutions originally loaded from the LexEVS associations tables.  


A set of methods designed to allow high speed resolution of larger graphs insuring a knowledge of graph resolution result sizes in a timely manner. 

Graph-Resolve Service

A REST service for Non-LexEVS users that provides a platform independent format for resolved graph elements.  

Overview of LexEVS Grid Services (No longer available or Supported – Removed in 6.3)