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titleEVS Vocabulary Processing

EVS licenses and serves third party terminology as needed to meet NCI and caBIG requirements. These vocabularies come to EVS from a variety of sources and in a variety of formats. Though the LexBIG application is able to import most of these formats directly, a few terminologies require further processing before they can be loaded. Details on terminology sources, formats and processing are provided on this page.

Table of Contents

Locally produced vocabularies

EVS produces the following vocabularies and makes them available through the LexEVS API and various browsers (NCIt Browser, NCI Metathesaurus Browser).

External vocabularies published by EVS

EVS makes available a number of terminologies through the NCI Browser and API that are produced by sources outside the NCI.

UMLS subsets published by EVS

The UMLS is not published in entirety. Instead a number of subset ontologies are extracted and published.

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