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caNanoLab data submission workflowcaNanoLab composition and characterization concepts

caNanoLab WorkflowcaNanoLab High-level ConceptsImage Removed

  • Nanomaterial Sample
    • Composition
      • Nanomaterial Entity
      • Functionalizing Entity
      • Chemical Associations
    • Characterization
      • Protocol
      • Physico-Chemical Characterization
      • In Vitro Characterization
      • In Vivo Characterization
    • Publication

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What types of data can I submit into caNanoLab?


  • Nanomaterials and their composition
  • Nanomaterial Characterizations from physico-chemical characterizations
  • Nanomaterial Chracterizations Characterizations from in vitro characterizations
  • Nanotechnology protocols
  • Nanotechnology publication