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  1. Retrieve data elements with object class, Primary, and concept , Blood and Blood Products code "C19448" (result in XML).

    Code Block
    titleRetrieve Data Elements,DataElementConcept,ObjectClass,ConceptDerivationRule&ComponentConcept[Concept[@preferredName=C19448]][@primaryFlag=Yes]

    EXTENSION 1: Additionally, you can find all data elements where the concept is used either as a primary OR qualifier concept. This is accomplished by removing the last qualifier in the query. Removing this criteria in Example 1 returns 104 results instead of 88.

    Code Block
    titleExtension 1
  2. Retrieve data elements with property Primary, and concept, E-Mail Address.

    Code Block
    titleRetrieve Data Elements,DataElementConcept,Property,ConceptDerivationRule&ComponentConcept[Concept[@longName=E-mail%20Address]][@primaryFlag=Yes]

    EXTENSION 2:  To retrieve the next higher order "type" administered items, remove the name of the item(s) before it in the query argument list. For example, to get Data Element Concepts (DECs) with E-Mail address as the primary concept, remove DataElement (the first item in the query argument list in Example 2):

    Retrieve DECs with property Primary, and concept E-Mail Address.

    Code Block
    titleExtension 2,Property,ConceptDerivationRule&ComponentConcept[Concept[@longName=E-mail%20Address]][@primaryFlag=Yes]
  3. Retrieve data elements with value domain's value meaning Primary concept code= C19448 (Blood and Blood Products”) (result in XML).

    Code Block
    titleRetrieve Data Elements,EnumeratedValueDomain,ValueDomainPermissibleValue,PermissibleValue,ValueMeaning,ConceptDerivationRule&ComponentConcept[Concept[@longName=Blood and Blood Products]][@primaryFlag=Yes]