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Can you retrieve all Data Elements using a common EVS concept code or name, but restrict results to only those where the concept is “Primary” in the CDE’s Object Class?

(The "Can you retrieve" section starts here.)

Yes. This can be done through any of the caDSR APIs, as well as for restricting to Property or a Value Meaning in the CDEs Enumerated Value Domain.


  1. Retrieve data elements with Object Class “Primary” concept with concept code "C19448" (result in XML).

    Code Block,DataElementConcept,ObjectClass,ConceptDerivationRule&ComponentConcept[Concept[@preferredName=C19448]][@primaryFlag=Yes]

    EXTENSION 1: An extension finds all data elements where the concept is used either as a primary OR qualifier concept. This is accomplished by removing last qualifier in the query.

    Code Block

    Removing this criteria in Example 1 returns 104 results instead of 88.

  2. Retrieve data elements with Property “Primary” concept named “E-Mail Address”.

    Code Block,DataElementConcept,Property,ConceptDerivationRule&ComponentConcept[Concept[@longName=E-mail%20Address]][@primaryFlag=Yes]

    EXTENSION 2:  To retrieve the next higher order "type" administered items, remove the name of the item(s) before it in the query argument list, for example, to get DECs with E-Mail address as the primary concept, remove "DataElement" (the first item in the query argument list in Example 2).

  3. Retrieve DECs with Property “Primary” concept named “E-Mail Address”.

    Code Block,Property,ConceptDerivationRule&ComponentConcept[Concept[@longName=E-mail%20Address]][@primaryFlag=Yes]
  4. Retrieve data elements with Value Domain's Value Meaning "Primary" concept code= C19448 (Blood and Blood Products”) (result in XML).

    Code Block,EnumeratedValueDomain,ValueDomainPermissibleValue,PermissibleValue,ValueMeaning,ConceptDerivationRule&ComponentConcept[Concept[@longName=Blood and Blood Products]][@primaryFlag=Yes]

caDSR II Examples

  1. Retrieve all Data Elements where the Object Class “Primary” concept is concept code "C19448" (result in XML).

    Code Block,DataElementConcept,ObjectClass&ComponentConcept[Concept[@preferredName=C19448],@primaryFlag=Yes]


  1. Retrieve all Data Elements where the Object Class “Primary” concept is concept name "E-mail Address" (result in XML).

    Code Block,DataElementConcept,Property&ComponentConcept[Concept[@longName=E-mail%20Address],@primaryFlag=Yes]