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Implements the behavioral portion of the CTS2 model
Accepts events
Validates invariants
Enforces preconditions

1.1 Logical View

The CT2 Devleopment Framework (CTS2DF) is a Plugin-based Java toolkint. It is built on the OSGi framework, which allows it to adopt a modular architecture. At the center, the CTS2DF is a web application, capable of being deployed to a web application server such as Tomcat, Jetty, WebSphere, etc. At the core, the CTS2DF starts an Apache Felix OSGi environment. This allows the OSGi framework to be self-contained, eliminating the need for special application servers to be used.

After initialization, the CTS2DF will use Service Plugin Implementations (or OSGi bundles) to implement the CTS2 functionality. These Service Plugins conform to a standard CTS2 interface, and are intended to be implemented according to the requirements of the implementer or organization. Furthermore, additional (non-CTS2) plugins can be registered to the service to provided extra functionality, such as security or caching. An added benefit of these plugins is that they can be shared across CTS2 implementations. Ultimately, the CTS2DF process the results of calls to these Service Plugins and transforms the responses into CTS2 compliant XML, JSON, or HTML.

1.2 Software Architecture