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Tool Overview

NCI Metathesaurus logo
The NCI Metathesaurus (NCIm) Browser is a web-based terminology browser that allows users to browse and search the NCI Metathesaurus. It provides user-friendly access to more than 75 biomedical terminologies, cross-mapped using NCIm concepts to describe shared meanings. It is a rich resource for reference, coding and translation, encompassing 2,000,000 concepts and 22,000,000 relationships.

Installation and Downloads

The NCI Metathesaurus Browser is a public web application. To download and install an instance, refer to NCI Browsers Installation Instructions. There is an NCI Metathesaurus GitHub Repository

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Forum and Support

What's New

The following outlines the major features in each release.

NCI Metathesaurus Browser 2.4 features include:

  • “Contains” search option is now the default, and much faster, with ranked search results that put exact matches first.
  • Advanced Search offers new Lucene options to search with wildcards, negation, Boolean operators, and fuzzy matching.
  • Browser display widened to improve presentation of complex data.

For more information refer to the NCI Metathesaurus Browser 2.4 Release Notes.

Major features of NCI Metathesaurus Browser 2,3 are summarized in the NCI Metathesaurus Browser 2.3 Release Notes.

Major features of NCI Metathesaurus Browser 2.2 are summarized in the NCI Metathesaurus Browser 2.2 Release Notes.

NCI Metathesaurus Browser 2.1 includes several small fixes and enhancements:

  • Browser and terminology server versions are displayed in the main NCI Term Browser banner.
  • Note that a 2.1.1 release will follow in a few days to fix a newly identified security issue and link update.
    For more information refer to the Release Notes.

Key features of the NCI Metathesaurus Browser 2.0 include:

  • Search performance is much better.
  • Concept Cart lets users collect concepts during a session and then export them to a file in XML or CSV format.

Important changes in version 1.2 included:

  • Search can now be performed by name/code, property, or relationship values
  • Advanced Search has been added, allowing search by individual properties or relationships as well as by names or codes separately
  • Searches for retired CUI concept identifiers now lead to corresponding active concepts if they exist
  • View Hierarchy and View in Hierarchy for individual concepts have both been extended beyond NCIt to cover many other NCIm terminologies
  • Visited Concepts link allows going back to any concept already visited in the current session
  • Source-specific cross-links have been added from NCIm content to corresponding concepts in the NCI Term Browser version of many sources.

Important changes in version 1.1 included:

  • Greatly expanded coverage of individual source term and relationship data
  • Improved performance, especially in large ranked search results and the Relationship and By Source tabs
  • Improved search support for special characters and substrings
  • Search results show the semantic type of each concept; Migration to the new LexEVS 5.1 API.
  • Migration to the new LexEVS 5.1 API.

Key features of the NCI Metathesaurus Browser 1.0 include:

  • User interface redesigned to make NCI Metathesaurus (NCIm) content easily accessible to a wide audience
  • Restructured presentation of terms, definitions, codes, relationships, and other information for each concept with details from each source
  • Removal of most limits on data retrieved
  • Graphical is-a hierarchies for individual concepts, initially restricted to NCIt with hierarchies from other sources to be added
  • Built on the open source LexEVS Terminology Server.
  • Hyperlinks to the NCI Term Form application, a web form and set of APIs that allow users to suggest new or modifications to existing concepts or terms in one of the supported EVS Vocabularies or Terminologies.

Presentations, Demos and Other Materials

For demo files refer to the documentation.

Documentation and Training

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