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LexEVS 5.0 Release Notes May 8 2009

Release History



LexEVS 5.0

8 May 2009

LexEVS 4.2.1

30 January 2009

LexEVS 4.2

05 November 2008

EVS API 4.1.1

08 August 2008


27 June 2008


07 November 2007

caCORE 3.2

22 December 2006

caCORE 3.1

27 March 2006


12 December 2006


18 October 2005


30 August 2005

caCORE 3.0.1

22 July 2005

caCORE 3.0

31 March 2005

caCORE 2.1

28 May 2004

caCORE 2.0.1

19 December 2003

caCORE 2.0

31 October 2003

caCORE 1.2

13 June 2003

caCORE 1.1

07 February 2003

caCORE 1.0

29 August 2002

New Features and Updates

CF#15222 - Removed convenience methods for codeToName
CF#16686 - Javadocs should open in new window
CF#17019 - Import RRF Representation of Relationship Groups
CF#17508 - Finalize BDA for 5.0 release
CF#18449 - 2009/01 model changes
CF#17511 - 5.0 Data Services/SDK
CF#17183 - CodingSchemeId not present in exported LexGrid XML
CF#17233 - OWL Loader Enhancements

Fixed Since Last Release


CF#19411 - LexBIG History 'getEditActionList' Error
CF#19462 - Owl loader fails when duplicate objectProperty is loaded from two namespaces
CF#19484 - Supported Coding Scheme default is set even when coding scheme name is specified in manifest
CF#19485 - Applying manifest with only an association forward/reverse name receives 'String index out of range' exception.
CF#19492 - CodedNodeGraph not resolving across ontology boundary
CF#19573 - Entity 'isActive' not being indexed correctly on Postgresql and MS Access
CF#19586 - Problem applying supportedNamespace
CF#19600 - Unable to load NCIT v9.01d and other large ontologies
CF#19628 - Equivalent CodingScheme on SupportedNamespace default value not being set correctly.
CF#19629 - Relationships not resolving that contain a Namespace that has a localId that does not match the CodingScheme.
CF#19702 - CodingSchemeProperties not being persisted to the database.
CF#19716 - LexBIG property behavior does not match EA model
CF#19741 - Transitivity Table not being built
CF#19864 - Supported Hierarchies not being fully populated in 2.3 - 5.0 Compatibility Test
CF#19900 - LexBIG 2.3 xml import command fails
CF#20032 - Metathesaurus history accessing wrong column name
CF#20037 - Owl loader ClassCast Exception while loading OWLObjectProperties
CF#20068 - Lucene Indexer fails with empty EntityDescription
CF#20070 - EMF loaders fail while inserting CodingScheme Properties
CF#20193 - Exception entering null into BIGINT column on PostgreSQL database.
CF#20419 - Blank description in the Service Context on grid portal

Feature Requests

CF#15942 - Update to work with SDK 4.1
CF#16989 - LexBIG GUI launch support for OSX environment
CF#19883 - Add 'namespace' to the Lucene Indexes
CF#19888 - Change name of ProtegeFramesLoader to RadlexProtegeFramesLoader
CF#19889 - Rename getParentsOf() and getChildrenOf()
CF#19890 - Support query of non-concept entities
CF#20043 - Creation of XSL stylesheets for transformation of LexBig data to n-1 LexBig versions

Deferred/Deprecated Items


CF#19406 - Results not Deserializing Properly when using QueryModifiers on CQL Queries
CF#20590 - Not all concept status property values are accessible through the API.
CF#20651 - rdfs:comment not being processed
CF#20652 - CodingSchemeManifest object not being processed by OWL loader
CF#20653 - Anonymous class hierarchy with unions not showing up correctly.
CF#20661 - Ontology for Genetic Interval hierarchy does not match up Protege
CF#20684 - Can not compute root node for OBI version v1.0.1423
CF#20797 - Strict Owl Processing

Feature Requests

CF#19882 - Full normalization support in a future version of LexBIG
CF#19928 - Make admin shell scripts headless
CF#20875 - Unescaping XML character data in complex properties