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One of the requirements of Resource Oriented Architecture is that every resource must have an identifier. As the Universal Resource Identifier (URI) [30] is the primary identifier used by the Semantic Web, the CTS2 specification calls for all of its resources to be identified by URIs. This results in the need to distinguish the identity of the resource being described from the identity of the description itself, and the basic requirement that all servers in a CTS2 ‘ecosystem’ need to use the same identifiers if information is to be aggregated and shared in a meaningful fashion. The EVS solution for this problem is a URI resolution service, which provides a canonical URI for any local URI and does so as a service.  For the EVS implementation of this service, a URI Resolver Service has been implemented and runs in conjunction with the EVS CTS2 implementation.  While CTS2 users may install their own resolving service, based on the installation instructions here, a service is also running at this location.  A thorough description of this service is to be found here.