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  1. Ensure that Publications is selected at the top of My Workspace and scroll down to My Publications.

  2. Find the publication you want to review or change. My Publications includes a Publication ID and Publication Title column. The Publication ID, if available, links to the publication on the web site. 

  3. Select an action as described in the following table.

    To...In the Actions column...
    Update a publication

    Click Edit. The Edit Publication page opens.

    titleUpdating after approval
    If you need to update an item after it is released to the public, you must update and submit it for curator review again.

    Remove a publication from the caNanoLab database

    Click Delete and confirm the removal. The system removes the protocol from My Workspace and the caNanoLab database.

    Share a publication with a user or user group

    Click Edit. For details, refer to to Sharing and Changing Access to a Publication with a User or Group.

    Access Publication ID

    If available, click the link to display information about the publication at the web site.