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  1. Click the Data Element Search tab, if needed.
  2. In Search Term, enter one or more Names or Definitions, complete or partial, using an asterisk as a wildcard, separating multiple words with a space. The search is not case-sensitive.

  3. When a text string matches any term in the CDE Long Name or alternate names, select an option from the drop-down list. The more characters you enter, the narrower the result list becomes.

    Type ahead in Search Term field

     The matching terms are not limited by the current position in the tree, so if you do not get a result, clear the filters and search again.
  4. Specify the caDSR database fields that you want to search or select ALL Fields to return CDEs where the criteria in any field.
     All Fields selectedImage Added

  5. Select a radio button to adjust the search scope of the caDSR database fields:
    Include Page
    CDE Browser Search Scope Options Include
    CDE Browser Search Scope Options Include

  6. Once you fill in the Name fields, click Search or continue to fill in search criteria.
    Filled search panel

    titleSearch Tips

    Fill in the filters left to right.

    To reset an individual filter, click x next to the selected option, and your selection is removed.

  7. To select more filters