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The NCI caDSR CDE Browser can be used to download collections of meta data describing data held in repositories for cancer research and clinical trials, and the .

The caDSR Form Builder can be used to view and download the Case Report (CRF) designs. Currently, these CDEs can be downloaded in Excel or XML Format, Forms can be downloaded in Excel format. However, it is not always easy to find the desired collection, as the high level organization of CDEs and Forms in the Navigation Tree is by Context, not topic. After selecting a Context, one can browse the Classifications, but this may not be intuitive to some users.

Additionally, attempting Attempting to download all the caDSR CDEs would result in a file that is too large for a single MS Excel download, and currently forms can only be downloaded one form at a time.

Therefore, "canned", or pre-downloaded collections in the following CDEs and CRFs are provided for your convenience.


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