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  1. Click the CDE Cart icon located at the top of the CDE Browser window.

     CDE Cart IconImage RemovedCDE Cart IconImage Added
    The initial view of the cart is empty.

    Accessing the CDE CartImage RemovedAccessing the CDE CartImage Added
  2. When you search for and add CDEs to the Cart, you can save CDEs to the Cart if you log into CDE Browser with your own login credentials (not the Guest account).
  3. Once items are saved to the cart, they can be retrieved later through the CDE Cart in CDE Browser and Form Builder, as long as you are using the same login for both applications.
  4. If you do are not log into CDE Browser or log in with just the Guest account, the CDEs are not saved to the cart. They persist in the cart only for the duration of the active session.
  5. Click Return to Search to start a search and add items to the CDE Cart.


  1. Perform a search or use the search tree to display CDEs in the Search Results.
  2. Check the data elements that you want to add to the CDE Cart, and click Add to CDE Cart.
    A success message appears above the search results table, and the number of data elements added is listed on the CDE Cart icon. 
    Icon indicating 6 CDEs in the CDE CartImage RemovedIcon indicating 6 CDEs in the CDE CartImage Added
  3. Click CDE Cart.
    The CDE Cart contents display.

    Derived data element components are included with the CDE and available for download.

    After adding CDEs to the CDE Cart, you must save them, so that the CDEs are available during future sessions.
    Save the CDE CartImage RemovedSave the CDE CartImage Added

  4. Check the boxes in the Select column of the CDEs to save to the cart, and click Save Cart.

    titlePrompted to Log In?

    If you are not logged in, the CDE Browser opens the Login screen for you. Log into CDE Browser to save the contents CDE Cart.

  5. Once the CDEs are saved, a check appears in the Saved column. CDEs saved to the CDE Cart will remain in the cart until deleted or updated. Any changes made in the CDE Cart in CDE Browser will be reflected in the Form Builder CDE Cart. If a CDE is changed, however, you need to add the CDE into the cart and then into the form again for the form to be updated.

    titleAccessing the Saved CDEs in Form Builder

    If you have the same log in for CDE Browser and Form Builder, you can retrieve the selected items in another CDE Browser session or through Form Builder. To retrieve the saved CDEs in Form Builder: Click Return to Search, the Form Builder icon, the CDE Cart in Form Builder, the Retrieve Saved button, login if prompted, and the saved CDEs populate the CDE Cart in Form Builder.

  6. To start a new search and add more items to the CDE Cart, click Return to Search.


  1. Click CDE Cart located at the top of the CDE Browser window to open the cart.
    The CDE Cart opens.
    Retrieving saved CDEsImage RemovedRetrieving saved CDEsImage Added
  2. Click Retrieve Saved.
  3. If you are not logged in, CDE Browser opens the Login page to retrieve your last saved CDE cart contents.
  4. After logging in, the CDE Cart reappears showing the retrieved CDEs.


  1. Check the box in the Select column next to the CDE(s) you want to remove. 
    Deleting CDEs from the CDE CartImage RemovedDeleting CDEs from the CDE CartImage Added
  2. Click Delete.
    The selected CDE(s) are removed from the cart.