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NCI Is co-hosting an NIH-wide CDE workshop sponsored by NIH ADDS, NIH-BMIC, NLM, and NCI to help understand the value of CDEs and their use across NIH ICs.  Information about An agenda for the "NIH CDE Invitational Workshop" (NIH only) and will be posted soon.  The  Sept. 8, 2015 CDE Workshop Pre-webinar materials link will be have been posted soon!

titlecaDSR 'caBIG' Context Name Changing to 'NCIP' (National Cancer Informatics Program)

With the phasing out of the caBIG program, the name of the caDSR “caBIG” Context is being changed to “NCIP” (National Cancer Informatics Program). This is a NAME change only; all existing content associated with “caBIG” will show “NCIP” as the context name instead. The release of Form Builder 4.1 will mark the date that this change is visible in the caDSR Tools.

Refer to the caDSR Contexts FAQs for information about the impact of this change. Contact Denise Warzel with any issues not noted here and concerning any issue that will have a negative impact on your organization or use of caDSR.