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Kuntipuram, Kumar


Action Items

 #AssignedDescriptionDate IdentifiedDue DateDate CompletedStatus
293JasonCheck into Mayo being designated a trusted site2015.06.03  open


Sprint Status

Current Sprint - Sprint 13 (September 17, 2015 - September 30, 2015)

LexEVS 6.4 S13-500 Agile Development - Sprint StatusStatus#SprintStatus-Sprint13


Mayo gave an overview of changes for sprint 13.  We discussed the build we created/tagged and put on the SFTP site.  This snapshot is available for NCI to test.

Mayo will send out a note explaining what search algorithms are currently working.

This build would potentially be installed on NCI DEV environment.


We also discussed co-development on NCI DEV.  Gilberto was in support of this idea.

We talked about a new container for our development builds, however, there may not be resources for the local indexes at this point.

Sprint Planning

LexEVS 6.4 S13-500 Agile Development - Sprint StatusStatus#SprintStatus-Sprint14

Sprint Planning

  • Sprint 14 (October 1, 2015 - October 14, 2015)
  • JIRA issues to include

Issue Prioritization

Recent LexEVS Related Bugs and Features (within last week)

serverNCI Tracker
jqlQueryproject = LEXEVS AND (TYPE = bug or TYPE = "new feature" or TYPE ="Improvement" or TYPE ="Inquiry") AND created >= 2015-09-23 AND created <= 2015-09-30


Recent CTS2 Service Related Issues (within last week)

serverNCI Tracker
jqlQueryproject = LEXEVSCTS2 AND created >= 2015-09-23 AND created <= 2015-09-30


Issue Grooming

Prioritize JIRA issues (fix version 6.4)

serverNCI Tracker
jqlQueryproject = LEXEVS and fixVersion=6.4 AND issuetype = Bug AND (status = Open or status = "Reopened")


VPN and network evaluation

  • Update from Craig
Meeting is scheduled for this afternoon between Mayo IT and NCI IT.

External Requests

  • CTEP
Scott discuss that there were some threading issues that created an out of memory error.  This has been resolved and the CTEP group doesn't have any additional issues.
Face-Face Planning 

We discussed possible dates for the face to face as December 7th - 11th.

Larry agreed that the dates work for NCI.

Kumar to look at the contract details and see if there are any additional needs per the contract.

JIRA Issues

Recent LexEVS Related Bugs and Features (within last week)