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CDEs initiatives are owned by individual NCI Divisions, Offices, and Centers, as well as by NCI stakeholder communities who have chosen to use NCI caDSR as a central repository for their CDEs. The CDEs are organized in the caDSR CDE Browser based on Context and Classification Scheme.  Contexts represent a community who have agreed to share CDEs and CRFs, within a Context end users create Classification Schemes within caDSR for various projects in their community, and use them to classify and organize CDEs reflection their usage by project. They classifications are not formal Classification Schemes, but are more of The classifications are a list of keywords and categories familiar to the community of practice. Opening up a Context in the CDE Browser will reveal a "Classifications" node, that when opened will list all the projects in alphabetical order. Clicking on a project node will search for all CDEs used by the return a list of all the CDEs for that project.

For prior downloaded versions of the files these collections, see the Attachments listed at the end of this page.  The date of the download is listed as the "as-of" date for each collection of CDEs.

If importing caDSR content from a download into another ISO/IEC 11179 or other similar CDE or CRF metadata registry, please add the caDSR Registration Authority Identifier (RAI) 2.16.840.1.113883.3.26.2 to the metadata to keep the caDSR content distinct from the local repository. Per ISO/IEC 11179, the RAI is part of a globally unique identifier known as the IRID (Item Registry Identifier), and uniquely identifies registry content as being related to particular registrars. The IRID for all caDSR content is the <caDSR OID + Item public Id + item version>. For example, if the caDSR item public id = 2181292, version = 1.1, when importing you would add the RAI, and the result would be an IRID = 2.16.840.1.113883.3.26.2 + 2181292 + 1.1.