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Sprint Status

Current Sprint - Sprint 24 ( February 18, 2016 – April 02, 2016 )

LexEVS 6.4 S13-500 Agile Development - Sprint StatusStatus#SprintStatus-Sprint24

Craig mentioned that we will be exiting LexEVS phase 4.  This marks the end of the lucene development.

Phase 5 will start next sprint which will be verifying that CTS2, remote API, lbGUI, terms browser and other surrounding apps work with the updated LexEVS core codebase.

OBI Load Issues (Data Dev)

  • Update from Gilberto

We have several loader issues in the backlog that we will start to work on soon.

We requested that Gilberto could look at the list of issues and prioritize.

Scott suggested that we create test cases to capture the existing issues.

Nexxus Testing

  • Delayed and not scheduled
Toky delayed the testing.  There is currently no scheduled date for this.


  • Update from Gilberto
No updates.

RRF Loads

    • Updates from Scott

Scott  gave a quick review of the SMQs we loaded in the database.

We will review this when Brian Carlsen is available.

Scott will discuss this with Brian this week.

We should determine if the term browser needs to be updated for the 2.8 release.

LexEVS External UsersNo updates.

CTRP Update

  • Tracy

Tracy has worked with the new CTRP developer and showed them the LexEVS downloads.  We are not planning any CTS2 changes for 6.4.

Tracy asked if there is a CTS2 API to get the "PROD" version of the coding scheme.

serverNCI Tracker

  • Update from Rob

DATA_QA - value sets can be resolved.  When updating PROD, some value sets cannot be resolved.

The max result size is set to 500000.

Scott requested to see the logs when this issue is failing.  They would be term browser logs.

When the browser is pointed to remote, it resolves, when it is pointed to local, only one value is returned.

Scott suggested talking to Jacob about the security on PROD.  Scott will follow up with Jacob off line.