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LexEVSThe LexEVS remote API should be available this week. We will be testing the latest release of the We are currently setting up the development environment with 6.4 API next week.remote API.  So far everything works except for one mapping bug has reappeared.  
Report Writer


Term Browser 

Put in request for the AppScan on datadev tier to test the scan timing with a subset of data

The devdata appscan test with the subset of data started on 5/13/2016 2:53:39 and ended sometime on Monday.  The took 2 days and 11 hours so I don’t see the data size factoring in that much.

Term Suggestion Application

NCIm Browser 
Triple Store PrototypeWorking Continuing work on the new Report Writer using triplestore.  The development team is meeting with the operations team on Monday to get details on implementation.

JIRA Issues

Issue NumberDescriptionStatus

Generate reports without the UI.

Added a StandardReportTemplateExporter class for the administrator to export standard report templates to a folder.

Added a StandaloneReportGenerator class for Modified the code to allow the administrator to regenerate reports in Text, HTML, and Excel formats.

Produced a readme file explaining how to set up an environment (i.e., the folder structure) to run the above programs without the UI.

NCITERM-733Search using a string containing a '-' character may result in a misleading error page.



generate reports based on the NCIt version as specified in the configuration file.

Per additional request from the Operations team, modified the StandaloneReportGenerator to accept either a folder name containing all template files or a single template file name as a command line parameter and generate new reports accordingly.

Started to review the OWL2 formatted NCI Thesaurus.

NCITERM-731Concepts selected from a Value Sets' Released File: View Graph not viewable due to ns=null in the URL


NCITERM-710Migrate to LexEVS 6.4.

Installed the latest v6.4 release, LexEVS-install-SNAPSHOT.LUCENE.SPRINT29.2016.05.12, on a local development environment.

Reviewed the external dependency jar files contained in the new release, extLib-SNAPSHOT.LUCENE.SPRINT29.2016.05.12, to determine if any jar used by the browser needs to be updated.

Installed the war file, lexevsapi64-SNAPSHOT.LUCENE.SPRINT29.2016.05.12.waron on a local Tomcat engine.

Started to test the new v6.4 release.

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