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REDx - caDSR REDCap Transformation Utilities

  • These are XSLT files that transform caDSR CDEs and Forms in XML format to a REDCap Data Dictionary:
  • The transformation utility converts a single or multiple Form represented in XML to REDCap compatible csv format
    • for CDE XML, the file may contain multiple CDEs
    • for CRF XML, the file can contain one or more form per transform, please select the correct version of the utility below

  • Release Notes
    • User Guide
    • REDxCDE V4

      • Transformation utility to convert caDSR CDE Browser 4.0.5 XML download format into REDCap Data Dictionary as of 2016/10/02
      • Version 4 - 2016-10-02: Add CDE ID/Version as "Field Annotation". Export Valid Values in teh same format as exported for CRFs, ensuring that CDE values/choices will be consistent for the same CDE used across studies, whether as a CRFs, or imported as a list of CDEs.
      • Version 3 - 2015-08-05: Change field note to contain the CDE Question Text, the field does not need to be lower-case without spaces, that rule applies only to variable name
      • Version 2.1 - 2015-6-18: Add instruction for customizing Form name, Id and Version
      • Version 2.0 - 2015-6-10: Add a check for existing CDE PV Values.  If already a numeric, use existing value. If not, generate a unique value based on the position in the value list.
    • REDxCRF Single V5.0


      • Transformation utility to convert a single caDSR Form Builder formCart Version 1 XML format (retrieved from Objcart API) into REDCap Data Dictionary
      • Version 10 - 2016-10-02 - This is the version used to convert all Standard NCI CRF Templates into REDCap for their Shared Library.
      • Version 6-9 Not released
      • Version 5  - 2015-07-29: Add a check for existing CDE PV Values.  If PV Value is already a numeric, use existing value. If not, generate unique value based on the position of the PV in the value list. 
      • Version 4 - 2014-11-10:
        • Change generation of Field Label to the original caDSR Preferred Question Text, without converting it to lower case and replacing spaces with underscores
        • See Version comments within the xslt for prior version release notes