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Area of InterestDetails
LexEVSEntered a ticket to create a VM that images the current DEV environment to be used while the CentOS and Java 8 upgrades.
Report Writer


Term Browser 

Deployment to production of the 2.9.1 Term Browser was completed successfullyPerformed the trouble-shooting on resolved value set coding scheme containing only a single concept issue.

Term Suggestion Application 
NCIm Browser

Modified help.jsp to programmatically insert NCIm application version number and LexEVS version number based on the values set in the configuration file.

Deployment of the 2.7 Metathesaurus Browser to production has been completed successfully.

Triple Store Prototype

Implemented a test program for retrieving all data required for populating the Concept Details page from the NCI Virtuoso triple-store server.

Observed that some SPARQL queries (for example, retrieving associations and inverse associations using owl:ObjectProperty) and ComplexTerm, i.e.,  FULL_SYN) can fail against the Virtuoso triple-store server. Will retest against Stardog and Allegrograph when both servers become available.

Biomarkers SupportModified the path enumeration algorithm to provide the capability to retrieve Paths to Gene based on asserted or inferred version of the NCI Thesaurus. 
Triple Store Prototype


Biomarkers Support


Neoplasm Core 
Other Support 


Issue NumberDescriptionStatus  
 NCITERM-745Top node of value sets deselected after search.Fixed
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