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National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology
CDE Browser 5.3 Release Notes
August 16, 2017

Product Changes

New Feature

  • CDEBROWSER-279 Add Workflow Status of Excel Download for Data Element Concept and Value Domain
  • CDEBROWSER-773 Add Change Note to Admin Info tab


  • CDEBROWSER-280 Derived Data Element Component CDEs need to be accessible from the CDE Cart so they can be used on Forms
  • CDEBROWSER-365 User can search for classification in clusters called a "container"
  • CDEBROWSER-506 Add type-head to Additional Search text fields
  • CDEBROWSER-517 Re-implement Download Template Link for Protocol Forms
  • CDEBROWSER-531 User can display and search (type-ahead) for any Classification (context independent)
  • CDEBROWSER-577 Implement type ahead for search by name field
  • CDEBROWSER-713 Display Data Element Concept tab Registration Status in DEC Details Page
  • CDEBROWSER-745 Automatic search when removing or changing filters causes unnecessary searching
  • CDEBROWSER-773 Add Change Note to Admin Info Tab
  • CDEBROWSER-776 Add Search tip for Retrieving Preferred Standards and Standards CDEBROWSER-800 Derived Data Element Component CDEs need to be Downloaded
  • CDEBROWSER-802 Provide a URL that opens to search results for a Context, Classification Scheme, or CS/CSI
  • CDEBROWSER-803 Add Data Element Concept Alternate Definitions
  • CDEBROWSER-825 Add Data Element Concept Alternate Names


  • CDEBROWSER-440 Form is not displayed under Protocol Forms when the Contexts are different
  • CDEBROWSER-683 Choose CS from search tree or drop-down list returns different number of CDEs
  • CDEBROWSER-717 Search by protocol form should return all the CDEs used in that Form, regardless of CDE’s Used By/Owned By
  • CDEBROWSER-726 DEC Compare fields Object Class and Property missing from Comparison Matrix
  • CDEBROWSER-729 Classifications table on the CDE compare page is empty
  • CDEBROWSER-738 On CDE Browser DEV tier, when user types wrong username or password, user is redirected to QA tier PWCS
  • CDEBROWSER-760 INC2747877: Value Domain - Context Name is incorrect in CDE Browser
  • CDEBROWSER-783 NCI Term Browser search caDSR by concept no longer works
  • CDEBROWSER-795 Add Object Class long name Public ID Version and Context to the compare matrix
  • CDEBROWSER-796 Add Property long name Public ID Version and Context to the compare matrix
  • CDEBROWSER-801 Fix or Remove Drop Down search mechanism
  • CDEBROWSER-814 NCI-INC0185630 - Error message on CDE Browser
  • CDEBROWSER-830 CDE cart Error in CDE Browser User KUMMEROA
  • CDEBROWSER-831 Search Preferences Inconsistent After User Logout
  • CDEBROWSER-837 When CDE is not latest version, the Component Data Elements displayed on Data Element Derivation page is incorrect
  • CDEBROWSER-842 CDE Browser Object Cart Saving more than 1,000 CDEs Problem
  • CDEBROWSER-847 On DEC Detail page, the column title in Property Concepts table should align left