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Note: This release includes all LexEVS 6.5.0 changes.

Features of this Release


Efficient Value Set Resolution using Source Asserted Value Sets

  • The source of value sets is the NCI Thesaurus (NCIt), and since the NCIt contains logical, computable assertions about what value sets are in its system, business logic has moved towards direct access to the code system rather than external defining files.  This   This has been a collaborative effort with NCIt curators and has resulted in improved loading efficiency of value set definitions and resolved value set coding schemes. 

Detection of Value Set Updates

  • An additional API that detects value set updates has also been made available.  This   This represents an additional efficiency for value set loading.  

Representation of Value Set Hierarchy

  • Other assertions made in the NCIt about the hierarchical style storage of value sets also now have an API as well.  This   This is specific to the NCIt source at this time.   
  • This release will also contains a direct to source value set resolution and search service, based on the kind of assertions the NCIt makes about its value sets.  Terminologies that make similar assertions may also make use of this API.  It should make some earlier value set API’s obsolete while retaining the ability of users to define and load their own value sets.
  • Some value set querying mechanisms are better optimized based on additional methods that provide more tailored object contents for methods requiring a list of value sets without resolving other attributes that may slow performance. 

Fully Dynamic Source Asserted Value Set Resolution

  • Source asserted value set API can fully resolve directly against the source coding scheme.

Source Asserted Value Set Search

  • New search API implemented against Value Sets

LexEVS Services Support for Source Asserted Value Sets

  • LexEVS Distributed API and LexEVS REST services updated to fully support Source Asserted Value Sets 

Enhanced Loaders

  • Continued enhancement of existing LexEVS Loaders
    • Notably, expanded OWL2 and RRF support for MED-RT 

Issues Fixed in this Release