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This page explains how to log an issue and assumes that you are not an administrator. 

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Logging an Issue as a Non-Administrative User

  1. On the Competition page, log in to access the Report Issue tab and log a report.


    The Report Issue tab does not appear until you log in.

    MICCAI 2018 challenge issue tracking page, non-administrative user logged in


  2. Click Report Issue. The Report Issue page appears. 
    Report Issue page
  3. Enter a title and content for your issue and click Submit.
    The competition organizers receive your issue and the details you entered appear on the Issue status tab.

Tracking Issues as an Administrator

  1. Log in to the challenge management system.


    You must log in to see the Report Issue and Issue Status options.

    The admin features appear.
    Competition page with administrative user logged inImage RemovedClick Issue Status to see a list of all issues, their details, and their status.
    All Issues Details and Status pageImage Removed

    An issue's status can be one of the following status types:

  2. Open
  3. Closed
  4. Verified
  5. Reopen
  6. Waiting for User Input
  7. Support team Working