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Remennik, LyubovNIH/NCIx

De Coronado, Sherri    


Safran, Tracy

Ong, Kim L
Lucas, Jason R
Bauer, Scott  Mayox
Stancl, Craig
Endle,  CoryMayox
Wynne, Robert    NIH/NCI [C]x

Kuntipuram, Kumar

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Action Items


EVS Weekly Tech Meeting (Systems focus)

Discussion Points:

  • Systems related topics:
    • LexEVS
      • MySQL on Data Dev - Waiting to hear from Yahia for making changes to the MySQL format to Barracuda.
      • Jacob suggested creating a ticket for making changes to the DB.  The Systems team will make the DB changes.
      • No one else is using the Data Dev system.  There is no concern if we remove/add terminologies for our testing.
    • Browser/Tools
    • Data
    • Systems
    • Triple Store/EVS API

Decision Points:

Roll Call

Sprint Status

Current Sprint -  Sprint 93 (October 11, 2018 – October 24, 2018)

16X237 Agile Development - Sprint Status#16X237AgileDevelopment-SprintStatus-Sprint93

Planned Activities

Anticipated Releases

  • Release 6.5.2
    • We will need to coordinate with QA to do testing on the resolved issues.
  • Release
Face2Face Recap

Discussion Points:

    • 2018.10 Technical Face-To-Face Meetings
    • EVS Service and Architecture Group
      • Cancer data aggregator and other projects will create multiple requests for terminology information for NCIt, Meta as well as others.
      • LexEVS Strengths - We will need to list what services could be enhanced and provided.
        • Also need to explain how we plan to use these strengths.
      • Sherri suggested that they need to add use cases for us to help determine solutions.  This will help the architecture team determine the needs.
        • SEER - Map to RxNorm
        • CTRP - use case
        • API Use Case: Given a SNOMED concept code - find the ICD10 concept code.
    • Continued Docker implementation

Decision Points:

LexEVS External Users

Discussion Points: 

  • CIViC LexEVS API documentation request
    • Sherri commented that in the EVS wiki pages, it is difficult to find how wiki pages.
    • Also, we should change the branding from CTS2 to REST service.

Decision Points:

  • We should update the wiki pages to make the LexEVS REST services easier to use.
    • Lyuba suggested a simple page on how to use the LexEVS REST services.  Use language that a 6th grader can understand.
      • "LexEVS for dummies"
    • Explain how you query for NCIt (How to documentation). 
      • Users want to specifically see how to search on NCIt.
    • Look at the CIViC documentation.
    • LexEVS Code Examples is useful (search for this will bring up this page).
    • Tracy and the Mayo team will discuss possibilities and make changes.
Team Absences

Mayo Team

  • Cory - 10/18, 10/19
  • Scott - 11/6 (PM), 11/7 (AM)
  • Craig - 10/19


  • Tracy -
  • Rob - 
  • Kim -