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Logistics (Determine Meeting frequency)
  • Frequency/Time/Days of week
    • Initially every week
      • Tuesday at 10AM
  • Need to consider EVS Evaluation outcome.
    • There is no definite timeline for when this will happen. Currently putting something together now (proposal) and expected by end of year.
    • Consultant will probably ask the team/group questions. It would be good if we have this information available.
    • Focus on gathering our data, but wait until evaluation complete before deciding timeline and next steps.
      • Services
      • Users
      • Existing Architecture
      • Future Capabilities
  • Kim noted areas to consider:
    • Index Search
    • MetaT in RDF (into stardog)
    • Mapping (MetaT mapping)
    • Value Sets
Previous Group (Tracy Notes)Jan 11, 2018
  • Group should review and utilize as we proceed. (Tracy merge into roadmap)
Establish Workgroup Goals
  • Documented well in the wiki page from Jan 11, 2018.
Review Roadmap and Confirm itemsEVS Services and Architecture Roadmap
  • Near term items highlighted to happen within the evaluation timeframe.
  • Tooling/Tech stack/Operations evaluation
    • Add this and details to the Roadmap (Scott/Jason)
Agree on Milestones and Goal Completion time
  • Initial plan depends on the EVS evaluation.
Create Milestone and Deadline calendar
  • Craig/Tracy to work on this.
Review Architecture DiagramEVS Architecture
  • Reviewed and updated with group.