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The purpose of this page is to serve as a beginner's guide to Clinical Trials Processor (CTP) with particular emphasis on internal de-identification of DICOM images and submission of this data to an instance of NBIA.  Note: It is currently a work in progress.  This note will be removed once documentation is considered mostly complete.



The basic outline of steps required to utilize CTP include:

  1. Installing prerequisite software
  2. Installing CTP
  3. Configuring CTP for your needs
    1. Importing your data
    2. Processing your data
    3. Exporting your data
    Example use cases and configuration files

Each step is described in detail below. At the end of the page there is also a section with customized configuration files and scripts for the most common CTP use cases.

1. Installing prerequisite software


Full details relating to how each of these can be customized along with the other export methods can be found on the RSNA wiki in the Export Services section and the Storage Service section respectively.


Example use cases and configuration files

Using CTP for local de-identification

Sample config.xml: LocalDeId-config.xml

  • running the jar file
  • sending your source data to CTP
    • Archive Import
    • File Sender
    • PACS
  • going to the browser
  • viewing status page
  • troubleshooting
    • quarantines
    • log files

Using CTP to submit to NBIA

There are two common ways which you may wish to configure CTP to send data to NBIA.


Sample configurations for both scenarios are described below, along with pointers to which information will need to be filled in based on your particular use case.

De-identification with local QC review

Sample config.xml: LocalDeId-NBIA-config.xml

Customizations required for use:

De-identification with central NBIA QC review

Sample config.xml: LocalDeId-Automated-NBIA-config.xml

    • follow CTP installation steps above
    • utilize/tweak NBIA centric config.xml (provide link)
  • Submitting to NBIA after local de-identification
    • editing your existing config.xml to add an NBIA export service
    • sending your de-identified data to the export service

Using CTP to submit to XNAT

Sample config.xml: (still needs to be written)