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Stardog 6Tracy

Up on all tiers with updated license

Stardog performance
Stage still having problems not see on any other tier.  Possible contact Stardog support

Tree extension

Quickfix - hardcode in is-a hierarchy

Long term fix?  proposals, LOE

They have finally sent their error messages.  Next step?  They haven't responded to our supply. Difficulty in meeting requirement - moving to Java 11 and Spring upgrade. Mayo ready to work on it if Lyubov approves.  Looking at eliminating unneeded jars from client.


Service request asks for a requirements document.  Don't know if they'll push for this. Will likely want specific data parameters.  One user.  size?

OWL ExporterKim

What is limit of current exporter?  Exports in OWL1 and LgXML. Export mapping in csv.  Why - because we have some weird formatted vocabs, like HL7, that might not have a direct loader. There also might be possibilities for direct load.  Browser still being worked on to allow review of vocab load prototypes.  Need to load a mapping example.

Stardog does not support CSV load but does support simple N-triples:

_:alice <> _:bob .
_:bob <> _:alice .


Starting to get the containers.  Need to figure out process for data loads. Possibly push NCIt to S3 or other file solution.  Load Stardog from there.  New tech got container set up in less than 2 days.

Action items

  •  Tracy - send ticket to Stardog
  •  Tracy - poke caDSR again.
  •  Mayo - strip unnecessary jars from client
  •  Tracy - search email to see if John Campbell specified a size .  John's DB is 18GB so would request 25.
  •  Tracy - check on loading mapping to Stardog
  •  Mayo - test HL7 export to OWL and/or LgXML