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CTRP data issuesTracy
  • The last couple of weeks CTRP has not been able to import our data file.  It loads fine but their enhancer fails. I did a diff of data and I am not seeing issues.  I am trying to trace through their code to try and find the problem

Owlscrubber memory problemsYang
  • Yang has been trying to process Monday's baseline but is running into issues with the OWLScrubber running into Java heap space errors.

LexEVS architecture presentationScott
  • Scott is prepared to present an overview of the LexEVS architecture for Swathi and Yang.
  • Should take about an hour.

  • We are starting to look at moving the QA tier to AWS
  • Working on moving the browser over
  • Security documentation required to move to an upper tier
    • Specific AWS security person
    • Consider mod-security to limit queries? It does slow things down so might not pay off
  • Need to look at how automated promotion up the tiers will workConsider
  • mod-security to limit queries?TT involved in trying to migrate jenkins to work with AWS.

AWS across servers
How much of an issue is having EVSRestAPI and Stardog on different servers?

SPARQL Endpoint
  • Currently in production so we don't want to lose it
  • Possibly some applications, like EVSRestAPI, could bypass mod-security?  Have different port maybe?
  • Discuss with Systems and Gilberto

LexEVS 6.5.2 loader on QATracy
  • Metathesaurus and standalones all loaded using 6.5.2 and appear to be working well.
  • Want to test the OWL2 loader - especially given the obib changes.

Browser documentation
Yang requested a better understanding of the browser.

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