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The HGNC is updating constantly.  We download their complete data set once per month in tab-delimited text format.  We then process it using an in-house data transformation application to convert it into OWL.  Details here: HGNC Data TransformationProcessing

BioPortal Ontologies

These vocabularies are all downloaded from the BioPortal ontology repository.  Each of the below links go to a summary page for the listed ontology.  We generally take the OWL version of the ontology, if available.  Be cautious, just because the released date is more recent than our version does not mean that there has been an actual release.  BioPortal's internal processes sometimes require re-uploads.  Also, adding text files or other formats can change the released date.  Always check the actual version within the vocabulary data to make sure the data has actually been updated before embarking on a load.