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Discussion items

6.5.3 post release
  • Any noted issues?
    • Exact match source codes - after tomorrow. Will finish graph code review first
    • Meta browser - cart fix and google analytics

  • Stage getting closer
    • Need to get through security.
      • 4/6 documents done
      • Questions about logging
      • Lyubov needs to approve
      • Then goes to CBIIT security officer
  • Dev up
  • TT working on Jenkins for report writer
  • Yang has UMLS box he is working on. Brian should have some input when ready
    • MySQL installed
    • New box
      • Need python installed
      • Need Java installed

LexEVS Graph
  • Installation requests needed/outstanding
    • Nothing pending right now
    • Working on setting up a docker atm
    • Will then ask Jenkins team to set it up
  • Formal code review 1pm Wednesday

Brian Carlson
West Coast Informatics - subcontracting to MSC

Action items