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AWS status
  • Stage status
    • waiting on Elastic Search fix.
  • QA status
    • Report Writer - installed but URL not working yet

  • Preview of strategy meeting
    • Brian evaluated API and JSON output
    • Viewed metadata ontology?


Gilberto needs access to one environment

Brian Carlson will probably need one as well

Graph API remote access
  • Kim asked remote api access for development.
  • API is built as an extension
    • might work with remote out of the box but needs tested.

MDR contract signed
  • caDSR will not die quickly
  • remoteAPI is fragile and not supported by major libraries anymore
  • Might see new requirements, but seems like they will be relying on SI Virtuoso

graph API
Code review - to be sent to Kim directly. He's out for a few days.

Action items