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LexEVS iterator/graph
  • Next steps?on hold - until problems reported by Kim are resolved
  • Data promotion options - some work on procedure but systems not yet contacted
    • command line to export each database. Enclosed by script that pulls lists of databases and exports
    • removal of old databases would need to be command line also
  • Test load
    • check graph admin credentials from lbconfig.props. Load into web interface there
    • loader script on /local/content/evs/lexevs652-graphadmin
    • Meta took 30 hours and a lot of memory (30g)
  • Leveraging graph DB - possibly use it for relationship table? Might slow retrieval when dipping from graph into qualifiers or other metadata.

AWS on Prod
  • 7 weeks?- could probably still deploy up as "beta".
    • Will probably do a test deployment before end
  • Elastic search updates - prod has newer version.

AWS data promotion scheme
  • Possible downtime - might be acceptable to have short downtimes

TLS testing
  • results of internal testing - 1.1 shut down today. Need to just smoke test it.
  • Any response from Natalia?


New Metathesaurus within next week or two.

Yang at training for AWS for next 3 days.

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