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LexEVS 6.5.4 loader QA
  • In Swathi's hands.
  • Will test on DataQA after Swathi clears it
    • ICD10CM
    • LOINC
    • MED-RT
  • Should be able to configure DataQA to ignore graph
    • Mayo will look it up
  • Will wait until monthly vocabs are promoted before trying on DataQA
  • Check source-code fix doesn't break anything for NCIt in the old browser

Microsoft Teams
EVS Report Exporter team created

Report Exporter

EVS Data Extract Project - Draft1 04_02_2020[1].docx

Had meeting Monday to do a little background

Report Writer was originally intended to be externally available but never made it. This new one is more of a general report writer.

We have multiple streams for reporting - with many ending up on FTP. We've never had the time to work on a general report writer. Need some mechanism for users to create reports.

Perhaps we can leverage report repository from current report writer.

Jason listed as an "R&D" project. Where we build on non-specific requirements and then ask if that is what they want, then adjust.

I brought up using Possibly use EVS Explorer as the search and send the search results to a separate service for the formatting and export.

The API supports searching on a list of codes, though EVS Explorer does not. Should be easy to sit a UI on top of that.

Gilberto requested a client SDK project that has examples and scripts to show how to exercise the REST API. . Brian will be adding a java client to the service for use by other applications.

EVS Explorer is currently using Angular. Original app used Node.js and systems didn't support it. Perhaps AWS is a different matter?

Per Scott: most problematic portion is resolving graphs (issue 1)

Corey and Scott will review all the documentation they can find. Will reach out to Brian as needed.

Craig will try to come up with a rough timeline based on what we know.

Lori will be representing the user base and their requirements.

Action items