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AWS Java data connector to Stardog
  • Yang says this does not exist.
  • Jason says EVSRestAPI uses direct SPARQL queries

UMLS Batch QA - part of 6.5.4
NCIt 20.05a requested to Stage.  Once that done can test long CUI vocabs

LexEVS 6.5.4
  • No currently pending actions
  • Waiting on feedback on Swathi

EVS Exporter
Using Spring Boot and Thymeleaf.  Front end is vue.js.  

  • Everything approved for Prod
  • Looking at issues with ElasticSearch upload

Stardog 7
  • On Dev and QA on AWS. 
  • Queries seem to be slower and affecting ElasticSearch
  • Problem - some EVSRestAPI query problems with hierarchy - especially roles and inverse roles
  • On prem - holding update until issues resolved on AWS
  • admin user issues - Not as secure to use admin user.  Yang is fine with it but doesn't think it necessary.

FTP site issue
Fix on Stage.  Should go to Prod today or tomorrow

Publication process - There seems to be an issue with Triplestore load
  • Kim would like to see the input and output for lvg and any command parameters.
  • Stardog load showing issues with 20.04d file.  The 20.05a is fine.

MySQL 8 migration
Corey says they can change docker script to pull in 8 for a test.

Cyril tracing QA database 

No new issues reported, still watching