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Use this to install the LexEVS Distributed environment to a web application server allowing access to the LexEVS local runtime from Distributed or Grid Services. The associated database repository can be populated through the provided source load utilities, and accessed programmatically through direct Java invocation or from Distributed or Grid Services. (This application is being sunsetted)

LexEVS Distributed: Includes the Java runtime and dependencies, the Java distributed API, and the caCORE SDK-generated services. This can be deployed to an Apache Tomcat 8.  Visit the source repository link below for details.
lexevsapi654 (war file)


Use this to install a client that can access an already-deployed LexEVS Distributed node. NIH/NCI no longer provides this service to the public.  The application is being sunsetted.

LexEVS Distributed Client: Enables Java programs to establish a connection to an already-deployed LexEVS Distributed node.


JavaDocs (For all environments: Local Runtime, Distributed)
LexEVS 6.5.1 4 Javadocs (zipped)

Code to demonstrate the LexEVS API.
Runtime Example Code

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