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EVS Exporter
  • Latest on Stage. Waiting for Lyuba's approval

Started working on value sets. Will need the Excel links, like we currently have for the ncitbrowser. 

Terms Browser
security scan cleared. Needs tomcat updated. Source-code issue found again but accepted as false positive

Metrics Dashboard
Waiting on sumo logic? Will probably pull from GA also. Haven't been able to answer whether we can use their dashboard directly or will need to put another interface in front. As long as our application doesn't surface PII we should be OK. What are the options for retrospectives?

Work priorities
  • technical debt - dependabot recommendations. Building a report. RMI used by caDSR, which is deprecated. 
  • LexEVS CTS2 - used by SIW
  • Term Browser - uses LexEVS - but not over RMI. There are lucene version issues that affect security.  Not sure when browser will be replaced. 
  • Analyze how lucene is used - has anyone queried double metaphone? 
  • Right now lucene queries is not modularized and has coding all the way up into the API.
  • Metathesaurus service separate that can be used by EVSExplore

Craig moving to another project. Position posted for replacement. If Scott or Corey apply and get it, then we would need a new developer. Craig will be attached until end of fiscal year. 

Action items