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EVS Exporter
  • Made typo fix but rescan had netsparker issue
    • Corey's fix didn't clear it, maybe false positive
    • waiting to hear from security team
  • Neoplasm hierarchy export 
    • 20 levels gives about 12319
    • Still some differences with value set original
    • Might be version difference but need to resolve

NCI Terms Browser

Deployed to DataQA

New metadata fix in process of being deployed to Prod

Metrics dashboard

A number of technical meetings

Reluctance with connecting to Prod due to IP issue. 

IP might be hashed before us so we wouldn't be able to calculate domains or Geolocation. Waiting to hear if SumoLogic can supply this information.

My point - what if we leave domain for later, in case we never get it. Corey confirmed he has done some front end. -  I need to request access to edit this page.

Value Sets - EVS Rest API

update of valueset_report_config to use https complete

LexEVS loader - just check it is configured to complete the run.  Runs within 16g on local machine with 8 cores

Metathesaurus on EVS Rest API

work priority

Technical debt and other issues - not heard back on this.

Handling risk - what is risk of waiting vs working on update in case of security 

Sumo logic
Need Sumo logic assigned to my account in Okta - Mayo will pursue and let me know

Action items