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Metrics Dashboard
  • Sumo logic training Thursday
  • Looked at Wusage_Processor
  • Should add EVS Rest API collector
  • Sumo providing help on new/returning users
  • Has prototype of dom domain resolution

Log update for FTP

New server VMs

Systems realized this is still pending

  • Was there a dev test server? Seems yes
  • No other VMs set up
  • Tracy S. will follow up

Mapping tool
Requirements on this

EVS Explore
  • Apache
    • Issues with how this was deployed (Spring boot?)
    • Brian not aware this was done
    • Updates will need to go through CIT
  • Other vocabs

EVS Exporter
  • Does have Apache over the top
  • Not on the same server as explorer
  • Moving away from  
  • We think only lexevs product is cts2 that is outside firewall
  • Does it apply to only external URL?
  • Will there be redirects?

wiki retirement
  • Will migrate some stuff to Sharepoint
  • Other stuff they suggest Drupal

caDSR timeframe
  • Will work in parallel to OpenData MDR for a year or so
  • Tools built against caDSR (Sentinel, Semantic Workbench) needed for now, replacements not designed yet

Action items