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Activities completed this month

  • MIDRC work is picking up:
      1. I've made may small changes including:

        1. keyboard shortcuts for selecting images with arrow keys:
          Image Added
        2. Reject modal for discussing what's wrong with an image pair if there is an issue.
          Image Added
    1. MIDRC - we are getting azure credits to deploy MedICI with docker submissions. Should be this month (November) - Still hasn't happened (12.9.2021)
    2. I've been working to really make the image comparator code neat and organized. I want this project designed in a way that make additional features easy to add. I believe I've achieved that
    3. The addition of a new app that allows a unique pairwise classification has been added to the app for the MIDRC project specifically. This feature allows two images to be displayed by patient and the goal is to use this to figure out which studies by patient have both a lateral and frontal chest xray. It's a test for Challenge 0 (practice docker submission challenge). So basically this app will allows us to find studies with both a good frontal and lateral xray so that we can create a ground truth to give to challenge participants for Challenge 0. The goal is to have participants create an AI algorithm that can correctly identify frontal and lateral chest xrays. If this challenge goes well then more complex questions will be raised and a challenge built around those questions will be formulated.
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  • DAIR Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Cancer Detection Challenge - Phase 2 (DBTex2) - Dr. Mateusz Buda has reached out about a potential data problem for the test phase. I have send the code and data I used and we are working to make sure the challenge results from participants are accurate.Will be in touch with him over the next couple days to make sure everything is in order. 
  • Tested new github commits to the codalab framework code. They have merged in code that was porting the proiect to python3 (previously I was doing this on my own). It still has some issues. Will keep monitoring it so we can get an updated codalab base for our projects.