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Import into Existing VDThe PV VM import is designed to import an enumeration into an existing Value Domain. PV/VMs can be created using existing VMs, or you can specify a new VM either with or without concept codes.
Specified VM DefinitionOptional Specified VM Definition is only used if the VM Type is "TEXT". The system will not throw an error but it won't be added to the VM.
Possible TimeoutValidate/Create will timeout if more than 5 minutes. Try batches of 100 until we can redesign the code. Watch.
VM ReuseIn a Text VM is specified and an existing VM with the exact name is found, it will be reused, even if it has concepts. The Validation message will indicate that existing VM is being used (need to fix spacing).

Tips for VM Match

After Importing

The results after importing are displayed one row per Value Meaning. All VM Match user results are kept in one database table, and without filtering results, they are all displayed in the same grid. So, after selecting "Go to Data Manager" enter your batch name and click "Apply Filter" to see just your results.

User Tips

The User Tips column is used to replace the VM Name. Sometimes the VM Name from your form or data is not very representative of the its meaning, or consists of too many terms IF A "User Tip" is entered it is used Instead of the VM Name.

"Run Match" Command

Select the rows to run the match algorithm against and select the "RUN MATCH" Command.

Column Order

The main column in VM Match is the VM Name. The processing is designed to find matching concepts based on the name and insert the Concept Name and Concept Code into the


table next to the VM NAME. This order of the columns makes it easier to populate the PV/VM Template With cut and paste. 

You can use "Delivery Options" command to export the VM Match results

and cut and past the contents of these columns into the PV/VM Import to simplify

into and Excel file. This simplifies creating the list of PV/VMs to import into a Value Domain.

Tips for Form Imports

Import from REDCap Data Dictionary FormatForm import uses a csv file format which is one row per Question. The template contains an Excel Macro so when opening the template to paste your content into, select "Enable Macros".
Running the MacroChoose "Shift" + "CMD" + "t"
Filling the template with form dataThe 1st row of headings are the REDCap DD headings. The 2nd row of headings match caDSR headings. Enter a short name in the Variable / Field Name, this can be used for matching to an existing CDE. In future release it will be added as a Question Short Name. 
Form ContextREDCap does not have a column for Context. In Sprint 41 Context for the form is selected after importing the template into caDSR.