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Activities completed this month

  • The BMMR2: Breast Multiparametric MRI for prediction of NAC Response challenge is over and has 8 submissions. Closes submissions as Dr. Newitt doesn't want to share the data as of now. 
    • In January I've been collecting stats on:
      • Total submissions in each phase by participant.
      • Who participated in the Test\Retest portion of the challenge.
    • There were some late submissions that we wanted to make sure weren't too late to be allowed in the system.
    • We also found a participant who never put their submission on the leaderboard but still wanted to participate so we had to manually add them.

  • MIDRC:
    • Azure credits have come through but we have to create a risk assessment in Partners for Azure use.
      • This may take too long so while I will fill this out I need to maybe launch a version of this on Jayashree's Azure account to get this moving. 
  • DAIR Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Cancer Detection Challenge - Phase 2 (DBTex2) - Dr. Mateusz Buda has reached out about a potential data problem for the test phase. I have send the code and data I used and we are working to make sure the challenge results from participants are accurate.Will be in touch with him over the next couple days to make sure everything is in order. 
    • UPDATE (01_07_2022):Sent a follow up email. Not sure what the resolution is so far
  • Tested new github commits to the codalab framework code. They have merged in code that was porting the proiect to python3 (previously I was doing this on my own). It still has some issues. Will keep monitoring it so we can get an updated codalab base for our projects.
    • UPDATE (1_07_2022): I emailed the codalab team asking for updates regarding the python3 port of the old codalab. I also asked about their future project codabench. They informed me that they are working on both but the python3 port for now (as they have a small team). They offered me a chance to join the meetings and perhaps help. I will join their Monday\Thursday calls to catch and see if and how I can help.
    • UPDATE (1_31_2022): Need to work on github workflows in order to have my changes allowed into the codalab system. 



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Launching TrueCT Challenge
Launching SIRPRISE Challenge






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Azure Credits are taking forever for the MIDRC challenge. So much bureaucracy in order to get some Azure credits. 

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