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JIRA number (hyperlinked)

Brief description of functional requirement (enhancement or new feature)


RDFBROWSER-133Support filtering by name in the subset hierarchy view
RDFBROWSER-212MedDRA display - picklist to choose terminology
RDFBROWSER-213MedDRA display - concept details
RDFBROWSER-214MedDRA display - header items
RDFBROWSER-215Link to ClinVar Variation ID
RDFBROWSER-217MedDRA display - relationship attributes and qualifiers
RDFBROWSER-222Update to MedDRA Welcome page text
RDFBROWSER-224Remove VKC Link in MedDRA welcome page
RDFBROWSER-225Adding Relationship Data (e.g., SMQ membership) to MedDRA Concept Details
RDFBROWSER-226Leverage new terminology metadata for sources list and relationships display
RDFBROWSER-228Re-label Back to Search button to "New Search"
RDFBROWSER-229Updates to tab generation in EVS Explore
RDFBROWSER-230Include all fields in the search results highlights display
RDFBROWSER-233Eliminate memory aspect of the concept detail tabs
RDFBROWSER-234"disjoint with" section concept details needs space above it
RDFBROWSER-235More informative browser tab titles
RDFBROWSER-236Remove new tab creation for links within the application
RDFBROWSER-237Reorganize search page to track search params in the URL
RDFBROWSER-239Have the Collapse and Expand feature on Concept Details by clicking on table header
RDFBROWSER-241New Footer Entry for "Vulnerability Disclosure Policy"
RDFBROWSER-251Replacing "Type" with "Term Type" in the Concepts Details Synonym and Abbreviations
RDFBROWSER-252Update all reference of "Term Group" to "Term Type"
RDFBROWSER-253Concept details should default to the "View All" tab
RDFBROWSER-254Make the Concept Details "View All" tab first in the tab list
RDFBROWSER-255"and" in Terms in Properties should not be capitalized

Functional Bug Fixes

Each bug fix included in this release is described in detail below.

JIRA number (hyperlinked)

Brief description of bug

Iteration (Approved or Proposed)

RDFBROWSER-216html tags showing in definition in NCIm
RDFBROWSER-218British Spellings Showing up in MedDRA concepts
RDFBROWSER-219MedDRA - Missing Codes and Subsource Names in Synonyms and Abbrevations Table
RDFBROWSER-220MedDRA Hierarchy only expanding one level
RDFBROWSER-221MedDRA Search - Error when searching for string with parenthesis
RDFBROWSER-227Issue with pagination after searching for a term in a subset
RDFBROWSER-231Source setting is retained when browser page is refreshed
RDFBROWSER-232"All" not first in listed source list if source is alphabetically before "All"
RDFBROWSER-238Subset Page - Expand and New Search buttons are misaligned in Firefox
RDFBROWSER-242Concept links in search results page still house mouse over for "Open concept details in new tab"

Hierarchy concept details doesn't change with newly selected concept in tree


Role Relationship Concept links still generate a new page


Contact Us link in footer redirects to home page

Non-Functional Requirements