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The National Biomedical Imaging Archive (NBIA) provides access to in vivo images. The goal of the NBIA is to provide the cancer research community, industry, and academia with access to an imaging data archive that will assist in the development and validation of analytical software tools supporting lesion detection and classification, accelerated diagnostic imaging decision throughput, and quantitative imaging assessment of drug response. The repository aims to provide access to imaging resources that will improve the use of imaging in today’s cancer research and practice by increasing the efficiency and reproducibility of imaging supporting cancer detection, improving the accuracy of imaging supporting cancer diagnosis, leveraging imaging to provide an objective assessment of therapeutic response, and ultimately enabling the development of imaging resources that will lead to confident clinical decisions in patient care.

The NBIA at TCIA releases described on this page represent versions of NBIA customized for the TCIA Radiology PortalExit Disclaimer logoImage Added.

NBIA Release History

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NBIA Release History
NBIA Release History

Bug Reports, Feature Requests, and Support

Send an email to to request technical support or report a bug or request a new feature.

Existing requests and resolution may also be viewed at the NBIA JIRA site.

Documentation and Files

user's guide is available.

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