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caDSR II is a new platform for creating and managing caDSR content, primarily CDEs and Forms.  The Legacy caDSR system had been in place for over 20 years. After several years of development and testing, the system was ready to go into production May 2, 2022.  Go Live Weekend was from Noon on April 29, 2022 through May 1, 2022. 

The preparation for Go Live began when the project started in late 2019 with planning for how to migrate data to the new system while keeping the lights on for our clinical trials groups and cancer researcher who use caDSR CDEs and Case Report Forms (CRF) in their daily operations.

caDSR II is rich with functionality achieved through customization of the ISO/IEC 11179 compliant Metadata Registry product from Software AG, WebMethods - OneData. The customization included implementing specific NCI long standing business rules that help to ensure high quality CDE metadata, extending the registry to support creating and maintaining CRF designs, developing new interfaces to generate Medidata Rave Architect Loader Specification (ALS) compatible transfer files to streamline getting CRF content into clinical trials management systems. To better support our customers' transition to the new platform and its APIs, we developed custom code to push caDSR II metadata into the Legacy caDSR database in a nightly update process allowing us to keep the Legacy CDE Browser and caDSR APIs running. caDSR II functionality was completed and pushed to the Production platform ahead of Go Live weekend.

Go Live Weekend involved a coordinated effort across the Legacy and caDSR II development, systems, and QA teams to orchestrate the orderly shutdown of Legacy applications, perform final data migration and validation, establish and test the nightly data refresh to legacy caDSR, activating user accounts, and regression testing. The weekend went very smoothly with only one unexpected issue in creating the refreshed legacy database from newly created test data caDSR II content. This issue was quickly diagnosed, tested and applied to solve the problem.

The entire caDSR II team worked together for two weeks on Pre-Go Live tasks and helping plan the day-by-day, hour-by-hour Go Live! schedule. While the entire caDSR II development, systems, DBAs and developers monitored the progress through a special distribution list established just for the Go Live event, the workhorses who were responsible for performing tasks are our caDSR II Heros and deserve special recognition.

Natalia Asafieva

  • Cross-team coordination
  • Natalia was been a member of the Legacy caDSR team for many years before joining the caDSR II team in 2019. She played a key role during the Go Live weekend by helping coordinate escalate issues to the system team ensure that no support needs slipped through the cracks. This ensured that the development team and the systems team were coordinating and escalating issues as they came up so they could be acted upon in a timely manner, sometimes in the middle of the night. 

Rui Chen

  • Quality Assurance and testing
  • Rui was been a member of the Legacy caDSR QA team for over 15 years. She is a QA Expert extraordinaire! Brining her knowledge of the legacy system she joined the caDSR II team in 2019 to help begin planning for QA testing as we designed data migration scripts, data validation test cases, customized the new platform to implement caDSR Business rules to match the legacy system. Her deep knowledge gained through hands on testing of caDSR II for the past 2 years proved invaluable throughout the weekend. Her unmatched expertise and natural intuition in root cause analysis, leveraging her deep understanding of how caDSR II will be used, how the features work and an acumen about how computers work helped us identify potential problems and fixes as the weekend progressed. And always with a can-do attitude and enthusiasm, even through the late nights and early mornings.

Mahipal Kalachagari

  • Database Administrator
  • Mahipal has been working with the caDSR II team since the new software was installed in 2019, helping to set up the multiple databases required by the architecture on each of the 4 tiers in our development environment. There are multiple Oracle database schemas in the architecture and Mahipal's knowledge of our database operations environment is extensive. Almost all of the tasks to bring caDSR II into production revolved around running database scripts, deploying packages and executing procedures, in the proper order and on time. The night of Go Live he also had to respond to ad hoc fixes the development team prepared as issues were identified and resolved during the 3 day effort. He was responsible for create the necessary scripts to automate the process to running procedures and executing scripts that are essential to keeping our legacy database populated with changes from the new caDSR II systems so our clinical trials groups and retrieve them via legacy APIs while they migrate to the caDSR II APIs to ensure uninterrupted operations for enrolling patients NCI clinical trials.

Deepali Manathara

  • Development lead caDSR II architect
  • We are truly fortunate to have Deepali on the NCI team. She was the original designer of the WebMethods OneData metadata registry product that was acquired by Software AG and serves as the basis for caDSR II. Her inside knowledge of the software has allowed NCI to take full advantage of the power of this uniquely designed system. During Go Live weekend she was able to quickly assess potential root causes, guide the DBA on queries to run or where to look if we got unexpected results in validation testing. She worked tirelessly all weekend watching over all the steps being performed, making herself available to help diagnose and develop on the spot fixes for unexpected issues.

caDSR II Infrastructure Team

caDSR II Leidos Development Team:

  • TPM: Zhengwu Lu/Jermaine Rogers
  • Technical Lead: Natalia Asafieva
  • DBE: Irina Trush
  • UI/Engineer: Shaun Einlof

caDSR II Software AG Government Services:

  • TPM: Joyce Soares
  • Front End OneData Developer/Architect Technical Lead: Deepali Manathara
  • Downloads/APIs: Brad Biggers 
  • Semantic APIs: Ajit Naik
  • ALS/Downloads: Matt Nash
  • APIs/Front End: Tim Patton

Leidos QA Team: 

  • QA Manager: Barry Alkis
  • QA Team Lead: Rui Chen
  • QA Engineer: Anika Islam
  • QA Engineer: Gholamreza (Reza) Mehri
  • QA Performance Testing lead: Tim Tran
  • Technical Writer: Ruth Frost

Leidos Legacy caDSR:

  • TPM: Philippa Barnes

NCI AWS Cloud Team: 

  • Team lead: Joe Wolf
  • Assigned Expert: Tony Bingham

Octo caDSR II Project Coordination:

  • Kathy Coleman

Octo Systems Eng Team: 

  • Team Lead: Djosse Atchade
  • Assigned Expert: Cuong Nguyen
  • Backup: Chuck Solie

Octo Systems Operations: 

  • Team lead: Temitope Alade
  • Assigned Expert: Tracy Truong

Octo Systems DBA:

  • Team lead: Cyril Ignatius
  • Assigned Expert: Mahipal Kalachagari
  • Backup: Valery Ayuk