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Remote API
  • EOL impact on browsers
    • Browsers are running locally so don't go through the lexevs service
    • CTS2 would be THE user for LexEVS
    • Browsers rely on the lexbig.jar, metabrowser-extension
    • ValueSets already implemented on EVSExplore
  • Lucene update on horizon
  • Java update possible

LexEVS Spring status
  • LexEVS
    • If loaders can be de-prioritized then we can focus on query mechanisms
  • CTS2

LexEVS Spring and loaders
  • The loaders are complex to update to Spring 5. The service should be backwards compatible, so we may leave the current loaders in place and update just the service. 
  • Looking at prototype on dev in about 2 months.

EVSRestAPI data
  • What needs to be done to make EVSExplorer the flagship browser? The only browser?
  • Cutoff activities needed?
    • redirects of URLs
      • ncit link first
      • nciterms link later
    • caDSR link ins?
  • EVSExplorer is superior, other than missing the multiple terminologies
    • check usage of NCIt Browser - what functionalities are actually used?

Sumo Logic and metrics
  • They are doing a replay of April
  • No commitment to Jan+
  • NCIt Browser functionality
    • what incoming URL is used
    • Where do people browse
      • Do they use advanced search
      • Do they use visualization
      • Any other non-core concept details pages

Action items